Full Sail Fooled My Brother

by James

I just want to make a brief points in why I believe there is an scam running among Full Sail University staffs and their illegal practices.

A few years ago, my brother who is passionate about graphic design/digital designs and art. He loves creating something out of thin air, therefore among his little research on what school is well known for that particular field, he found Full Sail University. Since then, I (his younger brother) did not know much about this school and I couldn't tell him if the school was legit or not.

A year later, after attending the local community college, he decided he wanted to pursue to Full Sail University for his college career. He then went aboard to live in Florida, with his close friend who attended the school a few months before he did.

Fast forward..

I started to attend a regionally accredited school, where I began researching on accreditation and how important they are. Thus is what I found...

Full Sail University have a institutional accreditation in National Accreditation. Meaning, it accredits the entire institution. However, Full Sail University did lack on specialized accreditation, which is very odd for career colleges which desperately needs it. With that lack of specialized accreditation, it seems that the credits transferring to a local state or privately owned school was nearly impossible. I asked my brother, if he wanted to pursue his master degree, he said, yes. He wanted to go to a local state university that is VERY well known for their graphic design field.

Upon learning his newly desired graduate schools, I emailed that school if they accept Full Sail University bachelor degree as an acceptable degree to get into graduate programs. They responded quickly, saying they do not accepts Full Sail University because its accreditation is not recognized by the Department of Education.

Then, I worried. I emailed a few alternative schools that might accept Full Sail University, ALL of them denied the acceptance of Full Sail University. However, that did not stop me from asking other schools as well (nationally accreditation schools). All but one accepts credits from Full Sail University.. their own school.

Upon finding out about this new details, I told my brother and his friend. They both went to their academic adviser and demanded answers, especially since both of them already spent up to 60,000 USD on their tuition (not including food and living expense).

This is where it gets tricky... Their academic adviser told them that I was lying and according to his reports, a lot graduates actually get into state schools like University of Florida (which is an complete lie!). They were relieve, and they told me I did not do my research enough. Then, as desperate as they sounded, I sent all of the emails from local and big universities to them and they still didn't believe me.

However, my brother printed out the emails and gave it to their academic adviser, and he said I rewrote everything those school said to make Full Sail University look bad and that they did not accept Full Sail. Then a few months later, while my brother was still attending Full Sail University, he then found out that he did not have enough money to attend. He asked the school if he could do weekly payment plans, however they said, he needs to pay 17,000 USD before attending another class within 2 WEEKS! I was shocked, especially this type of scams that is running with nothing-to-little regulation upon the federal government.

They fool most of their students, however, they started posting on their website that credits might not transfer to local state schools or any school for that matter, to avoid lawsuits.

Now, many students are now finding out that their credits are worthless and the school only have institution accreditation is basically worthless without specialized accreditation. I am reviewing lawsuits and studying laws at the moment to take down this school for fooling my brother, and other students as well.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

It is a well-known fact that Full Sail Credits rarely (If ever) are accepted at Regionally Accredited schools. It is mandatory these days that people do some research on what exactly is the difference between Regional and National Accreditation.

Both are recognized by the Department of Education but a Nationally Accredited Degree is not usually recognized by a Regionally Accredited School.

That does not make Full Sail University a scam. Pursue your legal rights as much as you want but you will not be able to take down Full Sail. Under the law, they are doing nothing wrong. This is exactly why I urge every person out there to do their own research before enrolling in any school.

Please read our page on National Accreditation Vs. Regional Accreditation.


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