Our Full Sail Enrollment Guide

This Full Sail enrollment Guide will show you everything you'll need for a successful application to Full Sail University.

There is some fine print in the Application itself and we are just going to show you what you really need out of it. The extra print is common, standard and no threat to you.

It could be the end of this page if I just said; "All you need is a high school diploma (or GED) and the Money to get accepted into Full Sail University.

But it is not quite the truth. Darn near it though. I don't blame them because half of every school is devoted to sales and the other half is devoted to the learning.

Would it surprise you to know that many universities now have budgets for sales and promotion that far exceeds what they spend on the school itself?

That's why we all have to be careful out there. I have never met an educated woman / man who needed to be told that.

I may sound negative here but I acknowledge that Full Sail University, despite some flaws, is one of the best film schools in the entire Florida State.

Full Sail Enrollment - How to Get Enrolled

In order to be considered for admission to Full Sail, you should first possess a true desire to be a part of this industry. Bla, Bla Bla. I won't lecture you but the investment is so large that you'd better have a passing interest in the field.


  • A High School Diploma

A GED equivalent is just fine but you'll need your official high school transcripts and one recommendation letter. I recommend you ask your favorite teacher to write the letter.

If you don't have your high school transcripts, just make a trip down to your old high school and ask at the Admissions Department. They will probably charge you $50USD but you must have them.

Acceptance to Full Sail's undergraduate degrees is not based on grade point average, SAT scores or other standardized test scores.

  • Have an interview with an Admissions Representative

John Brown Painting
John Brown

The first step in the Enrollment process is to schedule an interview with an Admissions Representative. That's a picture of mine to the right. He never seemed to laugh or smile and he was so serious.

This interview will also give you a chance to ask us any questions you may have, and, most importantly, determine whether Full Sail University is right for you.

You can contact Full Sail's Admissions Department toll free @ 800-226-7625 or @ 407-679-6333. Once you get them on the phone go ahead and schedule an interview with an Admissions Representative.

Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST

  • Seat Deposit

You have to pay a deposit of $200USD to reserve a seat for a Full Sail Enrollment to any of the Degree Programs. This is probably the best time to have made up your mind. Who the heck wants to lay out $200USD?


Be sure to get involved with the Debates, Comments and Questions about what's going on with Full Sail University.

If the topic isn't there, make your own, rate others or ask away. It's free and will become a wealth of information.

Oh, it gets better.

The total amount of $275 (Taxes? Fees? where did the $75USD come from?) will be credited towards tuition but is not covered by financial aid.

If you want to enrol in a second program, after you have completed the first program, then you will have to pay another $200 seat deposit, equaling $475 total in enrollment fees. Pay now please.

Yes, a completely fresh Full Sail Enrollment Application and all the fees that come with it!

And that is it. All off your transcripts and enrollment documents can be mailed Full Sail, ATTN: Enrollment Department, 3300 University Blvd., Winter Park, FL 32792

The courses that are popular and packed will be choosy and each person is then usually evaluated. But in most cases, if there is an open seat, they ill fill it if they can.

You must include a deposit for each individual course along with your application. You can contact Admissions at 800-226-7625 for more information.

Previous Credits, other schools and Full Sail's Acceptance

If you have ever attended and finished a class at another post-secondary school then you may be able to transfer your credits over to full Sail University.

Even if you took a single night class at a community college, it could save you a class, two classes or even a semester of study at the very expensive Full Sail University.

To find out which courses will be accepted as transfer credits for Full Sail Enrollment, you'll have to send your official transcript from the other school to your admissions representative @ 3300 University Blvd., Winter Park, FL 32792.

Be sure to include your full name, address, phone number, and email address. Your representative will contact you after having determined which credits qualify for transfer to Full Sail.

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