Full sail doesn't care

by Scott selby
(Orlando, Florida )

I find plenty of work, no thanks to full sail. I smelled something fishy after my first few classes where they tell you that you will never find a job in the industry and that your degree is worthless. I have also been told by several instructors that they set students up for failure because we will be their competition in a few years! I have video recordings of this from multiple instructors. I am a soon to be graduate from this joke of a school and without an ounce of help from "full fail" I have managed to build my own company worth almost 100,000 in our first year. Every time I ask full sail for anything (help with advertising, reining equipment etc.) I am immediately turned away or sent on a wild goos chase setting up meetings that never happen. Kinda odd considering that the school rides on the success of the few people that have come out of the school and found work in the industry.This school is a scam if you want to be a professional filmmaker you're better off learning on your own and building a name for yourself. I FULLY SUPPORT FILING A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM FOR FRAUD AND NEGLIGENCE. Get your facts straight before you spout a bunch of bullshit. You probably work at full sail and are trying to save face.To sum this up unless you have a bunch of money to throw away then I would not recommend this school especially if you're talented they will hold you down. If you want to see the quality of my work without the help of full sail give me a call.

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