Full Sail Digital Media Graduate

by J

I graduated with an AS from the Digital Media Program in 2003---

Since graduating from FS I have enjoyed success working for some of the most elite companies within the entertainment industry. However, I do not credit Full Sail for any of my success.

When I first visited FS I was told that I would need to take out tuition and living expense loans because it was impossible to hold down a job while attending FS and by the time I graduated I had racked up 70k in private student loans.

The first job I took post grad was at Fedex. I worked at FEDEX at night and interned in the daytime. Although my intern position became a full time paying position (at a whopping $13/hr) I was soon forced to default on my loans.

Today, 9 yrs post grad, I earn approx 70k annually. I am buried up to my eyeballs in debt and am not able to enjoy my success what-so-ever. I consider Full Sail one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Due to my impatience and impulsiveness I signed my life away at a sub prime rate.

What I learned at FS I could and should have learned at a state school and /or community college. The cost for attendance far outweighs any benefits of attending.


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Are you sure? Do you really feel that you would have been better off by going to a State school or Community College? I guess it could be possible but you really only get what you pay for.

Everything you said is what you believe. I am sure of your honesty. I have to ask you, though.

Are you Sure?

You are basically saying that you are a success but there is one part of your road to success that you think you didn't need and was a hindrance.

You could be right. But you are basically telling me not to take the same road as you did, even though it led to success. Sorry, but you are actually an example of the correct road and you went through Full Sail to do it.

That's what people will see. Maybe your experience at Full Sail was as terrible as you feel. Maybe, it was the big pill that you had to swallow. You still needed to swallow it, no matter how bad the taste was.

The problem is that you can’t really attack any choice you made in the past. You can’t because it led to success. Are you really sure that you didn't need Full sail in your path to success? I am just looking at the end result. I know nothing about you.

I do not doubt your honesty for a second. I am happy for your success but sorry you don't feel that Full Sail did anything to spark your passion. Maybe they made you so angry that you had to get back at them ... by becoming successful!

You are a good man. Thanks for your insight.

P.S - These days getting a loan deferred for 15 years is easy to do if you are in a low paying job. Get back to me if you need help getting student loans off your back.


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