Full Sail Cuts Both Ways

by Admire-Hasagie Hasagich
(Fontana, CA)

I do not agree with counting Starbucks floor employed Full Sail Graduates as employed "Thanks to Full Sail graduation and / or degree".

No one needs a degree to pour coffee and hand out food and cookies to others, unless - I repeat, unless those Full Sail Graduates have been employed by Starbucks to work in their Marketing Department as writers, designers, etc. So, before we talk about counting and no-counting, people should do their homework, meaning due diligence, before they make important decisions in their life.

Listening to others while making important decisions {that directly reflects on the quality of your life} could take you either way. It is a sword that cuts both ways . . . depending whether you are leaning on positive or negative comments?!! So, it's mostly up to you as an individual which way your life will go.

My suggestion to you whether you are Full Sail Graduate or not is: Do not stop with personal development after graduation and start focusing not only on finding paid job. Try to create a “job” for your-self.

If you are writer - page a day will give you a book per year. If you are designer , film maker or whatever you graduated for from Full Sail University – start practicing what you’ve learned there and marketing your work and your-self while you are looking for a “paid job”. You may not get paid upfront for such activities but persistent and perseverant work on those things Will Pay Off More than you could ever get from any job.

Your education is only foundation for other things to come in your life but you have to keep doing something to attract good things to come instead of focusing only on finding a paid job.

Do not ever forget this . . . You live in America and here, all things are possible if you work on it. Just don’t give up and never think that you’ve made it, once you find a job or your business takes off.

“Made” is past tense that could set your mind as your job is over, you are finished or done and that will never be a case as long as you live. Once you die, you will be over with your earthly work. But, while you are here, you should focus to further your self-development and improve the quality of life for your-self as well as for others around you.

I was about to sign up with Full Sail for Creative Writing Online Education but my wife talked me out of it due to high prices and suggested me to attend some local University. What I figured trying to sign up for “Accredited” University of San Bernardino is that you get what you paid for. Just like with anything else, that’s how it is with education, too!!

With Full Sail University all my business was done over the phone and internet and I was ready to receive their lap-top pre-loaded with the stuff that I will need for successful studying. While these “regular” schools are such a pain “in my whole body” to attend.

No wonder why so many people give up on their education. There was no money out of my pocket when I was about to attend Full Sail while these “regular schools” trying to gouge you for all kind of things that they are making mandatory for you, only for one reason ... So, they could charge you and nickle & dime you here and there.

As you can see, nowhere is perfect and the only difference is that you graduated from Full Sail and not from some other school. But, I guarantee you, no matter what school you graduated from – there will be always things that they could do better than they are currently doing.

So, focus on positive aspects, on the things that are beneficial to you. Use your education as a vehicle thru the life. Ignorance could be a blessing if you know what to ignore. . .


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

That is a long post but some excellent advice. I personally love the "Page a Day" advice. Build that portfolio or reel.

“Page” could even be taken as a metaphor for "Do just one thing a day that builds your body of work".

I love your post because it highlights many excellent points about the "Who Blames Who" game that this site is becoming. It will be stopped tomorrow.

I am sad to see some of the posts and happy to see others but enough is enough. Full Sail does not run a scam. I hope everyone will choose well when deciding on a school.

Thank you for your excellent post, Admire.


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