Full Sail Creative Writing for Entertainment Program-Scam?

by Shelly

Hi Philip, I'm currently an online student at Full Sail. My major is Creative Writing for Entertainment. I've been hearing so many things about how Full Sail is a scam and all that, and I gotta say, it's scaring me.

Right now I'm online, but I'm moving to Winter Park to go on campus in a few weeks. The reason why I picked Full Sail is because I want to write scripts for video games (that's my preference, but I would take any other opportunities as well) and they have a class that would teach me that.

It's hard to find colleges to cater to writers like that, so I thought the school would be perfect for me. After reading that so many Full Sail students haven't found jobs in their field, though, I've gotten scared.

What do you think? Please help!

P.S. I've read on this site that some students have gotten into debt because of student loans and the like. I can say that I'm in a position where I don't have to take loans (I won a nice scholarship with Full Sail, and my family is helping me pay for the rest of it).

Still though ... if my money could be used elsewhere at another school...I don't know. Finding out all of these "scam" stories has made me unsure of myself!

I know colleges aren't responsible for finding jobs for its graduates, but still.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

Full Sail is not a scam by any measure of the word. The school is not without it's faults and priorites. Disgrunted students are the people who use words like 'Scam' when describing Full Sail University.

They are passionately convinced that they were ripped off.

Here why ...

Most of these people have forgotten that Full Sail is not a traditional, Federally Subsidized Educational Facility. They don't get money from 3rd party donations nor any public funding. They are a Business that survives based on the profits they generate.

'The Company' (Full Sail University) sells 'seats' in a classroom to Students (Customers) wanting to learn what's being taught.

If you reserve a seat in a class, Full Sail guarantees that seat to you. You cannot return that seat a month into the course to either change your Major or drop out completely and then expect a full refund. Full Sail cannot 're-sell' that seat to another 'student' (Customer) because that 'Seat' no longer has any value once the class has begun.

That could potentially amount to a great deal lost revenue. Full Sail protects itself from lost revenue just like any other for-profit business does.

If you signed a contract to reserve a seat in a class, then you have to pay for it. It doesn't matter that you only attended the first few classes and then dropped out. If you request to drop the class then Full Sail will Refund your money ... minus a pro-rated fee, of course.

Here's a good blog page about the pro-rated fee scale for drop outs

If you drop the class after attending 30% of it, then you are obligated to pay for that seat for the duration of the term.

That could easily be $20,000USD. Having to pay that much for a class that they dropped out of is nearly impossible for people to swallow.

Students (Customers) just feel 'ripped off' but Full Sail University is just acting like any 'for profit' business with 18,000 Customers in attendance at any one time.

'Fee-Related Disputes' are where 99% of the 'Scam' rumors originate from. I have had students claim that they only attended nine weeks of classes at Full Sail and were charged $24,000USD. I was shocked.

Until I read the contract. I found all the details there, clearly printed in black and white.

Read your contract before signing it. That goes for any 'For-Profit' School. Even better is to consult a lawyer. Otherwise, you have no right to complain.

Ignorance is not a defence but I can sure relate to students who drop out of Full Sail after 2.5 months only to be presented with a bill for $20+ thousand dollars.

Those are the facts. I reserve my opinion because I have seen similar contracts throughout the 'For-Profit' Educational sector. But none of them have anywhere near the 16,000 students that Full Sail has on campus.

Thus, their name sits atop the Scam rumors.


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