Full Sail - CG Student Awards Top 20 Schools

by Trevor Deisher

The bottom line to animation is you don't need a degree to get a job at all you just need the skills required and a good reel.

But the fact about Full Sail is it's a great school you might pay a lot to go yes but you get the education as long as you put in the work.

Im an online student so there where no flashing lights to get me enrolled but they are on the CG student awards top 20 schools.

To get on this list they would have to have a decent program and had students win in their competition.

Full Sail is rated number 13 so I'm not saying it's the best or anything but for an execrated program they do a great job at teaching you.

I have had teacher I liked and teachers I hate so far, and I have had classes that seem useless to me but thats part of college and will happen at any school its requirements.

There are plenty of people from full sail that get jobs and they just recently for there soon to be grads had a big convention where over 1000 interviews where done.

It's not the school that makes you good it's your will to learn and how much time you put in.

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