Full Sail. A Waste of Money

by Bill Fredo
(Detroit, MI)

No matter what this website tells you, don't go to Full Sail. It will be the most costly mistake of your life. I am currently doing some research of my own on how some of their publicity changes right around the time to renew sites works. You'll be hard pressed to find the actual Fullscam sites as they were originally intended since Full Sail sends folks cease and desist orders like candy.

And no class action lawsuit is ever going to happen as they have a team of lawyers on hand and there are angry broke students leaving every day with the same wishes. That is not ever going to be fixed. What can be fixed is not giving these crooks your money in the first place.

Don't even bother with the tour, it is all smoke and mirrors designed to make you feel like a "creative individual" and wow you with sparkly things. They will even give you the old "people probably don't understand your vocabulary when you talk to them- but we do" etc and then the tour guide will make a joke about drop-frame rate and you all meander to the neon Apple room.

I will spare you the actual drama of instructors being on "medication" or how you will be surrounded by homeys that all think they are the next Kanye or how you will watch the international students mysteriously receive the "awards" for the projects at the end of term so Full Sail can advertise internationally through them, or even the dissolution of the placement department while you are there.

There are many things that can and will happen to you here. The good would be the pirated software the students pass around on the sneaker net which is bar none the best I have seen anywhere. That alone may defray the cost of whatever overpriced Adobe CS45 (or whatever version they are on by that point) you are looking at lol.

There are going to be problems at any for-profit learning institution but perhaps they at least have transferable credits and don't cost as much as a house.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

I can understand your frustration and disappointment. Full Sail is an expensive school and they obviously did not meet your expectations. That is a tough thing to endure.

I cannot understand the logic you use to form your assumptions regarding this website and how much influence Full Sail has over what people publish and where Google places their Websites in their Search Results. We make no recommendations here. We simply try to provide information to people so that they can make a more informed decision on what Film School to attend.

Full Sail is a for profit school. They want to fill the seats in their classrooms just as Mcdonalds wants people to consume their hamburgers. It's just that simple. To complain about how and when they promote their product is irrelevent because they operate within the rules of law and try to turn a profit as any 'For Profit' School does.

Then you claim that the instructors are on "Medication". That is not only unfair but it is a silly thing to say and it helps no one unless you can do more than throw accusations around. Your anger is getting the better of you.

This might distract you from what you originally wanted to do (Make Films?). I hope you can take the best of what you have learned and use it to achieve your dreams instead of letting it control you and using it as an excuse to fail.

I'll quote the burtal honesty from another poster;

You expect to be given a highly competitive dream job and then blame Full Sail when it doesn't happen, without realizing that maybe you just lack the talent and / or drive to succeed. And then you want to sue Full Sail because you're a failure who couldn't make it (yeah I know, Full Sail 'promised' you'd get a job, blah blah blah).

Full Sail is what it is. I'm not defending Full Sail or berating them but people expect this school to act like a saint when it is a business. Some students do very well and others have a hundred excuses why they fail. Full Sail cannot 'Produce' a successful filmmaker out of anyone. Only you can do that. The school can only provide the tools. The tools at Full Sail are as good as they get when compared to other Film Schools (Staffing quality aside).

Many Full Sail Grads are successful but are also quick to point out that Full Sail was not the defining factor in their success. Their dedication, hard work and drive did that. This article in Time Magazine illustrates that point well.

I hope you can get past your disappointment and get to work on the career choice you've made. You know how to make films now so start making them or fail and tell everyone that it was Full Sail's fault. Those are you choices.

I hope you do well.


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