Family Security and Full Sail

by Ben
(Bradenton FL)

I am about to be a 2012 high school graduate. i have been looking into attending Full Sail for two years now. The field i want to go in is recording arts.

After letting every one i know about my decision to attend this school a few of them have been trying to get me to reconsider. they say the school is not worth the price but i believe that i would be able to excel in this field due to my high interest in this field.

On the other hand, I have a family that really needs me to start making money so we don't completely go under. I just wanna know with all the research you have done should I follow my dreams or just let them die and be a computer tech or a mechanic.


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That is a highly subjective question, Ben. You are asking me if you should abandon your dream for a more practical way to earn money.

I can't answer that for you. Nor should you listen to anyone's opinion but those who you love and respect. I can tell you what the consequences are of the 2 choices available, though.

I don't know enough about this statement;

"I have a family that really needs me to start making money so we don't completely go under".

Completely go under? You have a family to support?

How would you pay your tuition?

Remember that a two-year degree in Sound Engineering from Full Sail University can cost up to $72,775USD. Even if you find your dream job directly after graduation, that is a huge financial burden that you and your family will have to carry for a long time.

Full Sail delivers a pretty good education at one of the best equipped campuses in the United States. They use a practical approach and teach on-the-job skills and not just theory from books. They value a finished product rather than just theory.

Full Sail claims that 72% of its graduates find work in the field they studied in. I would say the number is closer to 40% because I do not count graduates that work in a video store as having found work in the area of their studies.

It can be hard to argue with the success of Full Sail Graduates who have worked on more Grammy award winning albums than anywhere else. One thing in prevalent. Most who have succeeded claim that they would have done so with or without what they learned at Full Sail.

It is a risk to take this chance when you have a family that you are obligated to provide for. Many people feel that the programs are for dream jobs that very few people actually get. It would require you to make huge sacrifices and work harder than you ever had before.

I love to see people go for their dreams but you have obligations. You'll need to maintain some kind of skill so that you can find work during the lean times when you will struggle and even think of giving up.

Going to Full Sail is no guarantee that you will get work. That will be up to you.

Remember, Full Sail is not the only choice out there.


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