Enough of the Full Sail Bashing!

by Jordan

Everyone's argument about Full Sail being bad because they give you "False Hope" is Uneducated!

Look at the business industry! Every business shows you their best work! They don't give you false hope!

Them showing you their best work is them being honest and saying "This is what the people who are driven and care about their futures can do!"

You have to work for your future. Not let a University do it all for you! That's impossible no matter where you go to school at!

If you can't find a job, that's your fault. Not Full Sail's. Get over it, take some initiative, and control yourselves people.

Do some research before throwing bad reviews at Full Sail University.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

Sounds like you are at the end of your rope with people pointing their finger at anyone and anything for their failures and shortcomings.

It is just human nature. We don't like to be wrong and we certainly don't like other people telling us so. It's unfortunate because they are the very traits that block our successes and guarantee our failure.

So, how do you tell people that without making them feel like they're being attacked?

You must remember and consider human nature at all times. I have seen and heard information with a man standing beside me yet he did not hear the same thing I did.

Even though the words are the same and the actions to see were on film, he and I had seen something entirely different.

He had to package what he'd seen and heard into something that fit into the way he viewed life. It has nothing to do with the truth but has everything to do with how we each manage information differently.

We were co-workers.

He called me 'stupid' and I called him 'selectively blind and deaf'. I witnessed him getting verbal instructions and information that he had completely changed in his head so that it would better suit him.

He is the kind of person who would listen to the words "Job Placement Program" yet he would hear "Secure, Guaranteed job for the remainder of your life". Those are sweet words to the ears of the lazy and the frightened.

Because of what he was promised ("Secure, Guaranteed job for the remainder of your life"), he jumps at the chance to sign up.

I would hear "We have a program for getting jobs for Alumni". The first thing I would do is see just how effective the program is.

To me, it would be something to investigate.

Some people do hear what the schools say but change the meaning of the words to suit their needs. It doesn't make them uneducated Idiots, Jordan. If someone is reading this then they can't be Idiots.

They are looking to inform themselves so that they don't fall victim to emotional decisions that cannot be guaranteed.

It is an easy jump to fall victim to an offer of one of the most sought after things in the world.



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