Education Morgage at Full Sail

by Mike
(Jacksonville, FL)

My son attended Full Sail University and graduated in 2007. He has never come close to finding work as a computer animator and now works as a meat cutter while trying to repay what amounts to a mortgage.

We met with his entrance counsler and asked many pertinent questions. The answers to several material questions subsequently proved to be false.

I am interested in learning more about the class action law suit by former students. Can you provide a contact?


Reply from The

Everyone seems to think there is some class-action lawsuit against Full Sail University by its former students. There is no such lawsuit.

What blame could you possibly put on Full Sail University? Would you stand up in court and say, "My son is a meat-cutter because of Full Sail. We want a refund because it didn't work out!"

I am sorry to be harsh. You must feel the weight of that student loan on your back all day and every day. So, let's get it off your back and defer it until 2027.

Defer means you stop paying monthly fees. Stop interest and everything.

This is where you can learn how to defer your loan with Sally Mae. You'll have to learn and fill out a few forms but it is worth it because you're right.

That's a house of a loan and it must weigh a Ton on your back. I wish the world was fair because I'll bet you're a good man who only wanted to give his son a chance at a future.

The Animation field is one that many people would consider a dream job. It therefore takes more effort and sacrifice to get a job and get noticed. Your son now knows how to tell a story with CGI graphics. That's an amazing skill and he chose to go and cut meat 40 hours a week.

I should not assume because he may have a family to support. The fact remains that a career in Animation is a dream job and not a realistic expectation to make that attending Full Sail University would guarantee your son a career.

Let's stop the myth right now. There is no class action lawsuit pending against Full Sail University. You are confusing the class action suit filed against Sallie Mae in 2007 by former students.

They are stating that Sallie Mae was knowingly lending students of Full Sail money that they could never realistically pay back with the kind of job outlooks they had.

What is it that you feel the school owes you? Did they not properly prepare your son to work as a computer Animator? Were they negligent in any way?

You can't just up and join a fictional lawsuit without wrongdoing on the part of Full Sail?

Is there any chance you live in an area lacking in Computer Animation job opportunities? Are you sure your son has really done EVERYTHING he could to find work?

I'm a father also. I am spending probably close to what you did for my own son's shot at film school and his dream. I feel the pain but you must feel good that you invested in your son.

He must have gotten some knowledge put in his head at Full Sail because they have probably the best facilities and equipment at least in the State.

I don't want to make any more wrong assumptions.

Here are some websites I found with opportunities to join other projects that need animators as well as outright job applications for Warner Brothers.

Don't give up. I admire your passion for your son.


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