Don't Need Game Design Degree to be a Game Designer

I attended one year of Full Sail's online Game Design program. It was one of the biggest mistakes that I ever made. Online instructors also teach on campus courses as well. So, if you need to contact an instructor you are out of luck because they will not have enough time to respond to you.

I emailed, called, and even used messenger and still could not get a response. Full Sail's credits will not transfer to any other schools. You do not need to have a game design degree to be a game designer. The lead systems designer for Blizzard is Greg Street who has a B.A in Marine Biology. If you want to be a Game Designer all you need to have is strong English skills along with a strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Do not waste your time or money at Full Sail. You can go to a traditional college and get a degree that will be accepted everywhere and you can work in the entertainment industry just as easy with that degree.


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I agree that many Game Designers didn't specifically study Game Design. There is no doubt that studying the techniques used in the Game Design Industry will give you a leg up on your competition, though.

Having said that, people need to make their own decisions as to whether they want to pay the tuition fees at Full Sail or turn to a Traditional College. There is nothing wrong with going the traditional College Route but there is no way that any of them are as well equipped as Full Sail is.

If you are not looking to transfer to a Regionally Accredited school to do a Master's Degree then there is no reason to be concerned about where your degree will be accepted or not.

Having the skills and knowing how to use them will get you a good job. Full Sail does teach you the skills you need and does it using only the very best equipment. They also get you graduated within half the time of a traditional College.

People should definitely do their homework first. There are some advantages that Full Sail offers over the traditional College Route and some clear disadvantages as well.


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