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Full Sail is a great school. My degree is legit. People who say, I heard FUll Sail University... Stop right there. They said they heard, so if you listen to their Balogne then you are ignorant.

Long hours, Stress, Money, and the smell when you walk into building 1 are my only complaints. Nothing about the school being a scam. If it's a scam then how come it's so famous?

There are so many grads from Full Sail working jobs and starting careers in the industry doing something, not to mention the ones who become famous and win grammy's.

The people who say they heard something, most likely they get their information from people who dropped out because they did too much drugs.

Gary Jones you're my inspiration. God bless you, the faculty of Full Sail and its many investors. And if this site is run by Full Sail I wouldn't doubt it, they own everything lofl.


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Why do people think this site is owned by Full Sail? I guess it doesn't really matter but I am thinking of removing this Page because of all the negative, angry, naysaying people that have been posting here.

This website is going to grow into a solid place where people can come for information about film schools in the United States first and eventually, them all.

I published your post because it does smell funny in Building #1. Thanks it. It bothers me that you mention 'Many Investors' in your post. In my review of Full Sail University I point out many of its shortcomings.

I know what is going on out there in the educational world. You have to look at your education as a product and therefore the school that supplies it.

Full Sail is expensive but you can't doubt that their campus supplies some of the best quality tools to their students available anywhere. If you take the opportunity to use them. Many complain that it is difficult to book time on the soundstages etc.

The problem is that I have no knowledge of the attitude each student going into these schools has. My only choice is to focus on people who understand that a school can only give you tools and knowledge.

They can't bring you success and no school can guarantee you a job. If someone guarantees you a future, they are lying.

So, I focus only on the product that the school offers, including intangibles like reputation, personal exposure and environment. I won't waste time talking about other people and how they have done.

Try telling a teenager that his chances are low based on the success numbers of other people. He doesn't want to hear it. It is his or her dream and I didn't make this website to talk anyone out of their dreams.

Some people don't do well at anything. They spend all their time telling others that they can't do it, either.

I apologize to anyone who feels hurt by my remarks. They can seem cold but the fact is that You are the only person that will help You.

People want to hear "If you attend this school, your future is secure". I can assure you that this is a tough business. The film business is as secure as a Mercedes with the windows open and the keys in it.

That is all I am going to say about it. What gets posted here must meet a few rules. They are

  1. Help students decide what Film School they want to attend by giving them relevant information.

  2. You cannot attack anyone. Period. (Valid debate is welcomed)

  3. If you know something that can help a young person and their family decide if they want to attend Full Sail University then please post it

Thank you for your post. There are quite a few successful people that have come out of Full Sail but there are many others that have not.

I think those people who are winning Grammy awards might have done the same regardless of what tools they had and where they attended school.

There is an attitude these people have that makes them work for success. I don't know where it comes from but many Actors have made it based on who they met while at school.

I hope you do what makes you happy. This website is all mine. Well, half is my son's but he is too busy now.

Best regards,

Philip - Not employed by anyone.

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