Doing Well after Graduating Full Sail

by Zachary Bauer
(St. Louis)

I have 2 associate degrees from Full Sail in Orlando. My last degree was completed in 2005. I have a digital media degree and computer animation degree. This was before Full Sail offered the bachelor degrees for the most part.

I am in some serious debt no doubt about it. The only way to get out of paying that debt I have found is to move out of the country. But the skills I have learned at Full Sail really did get me some good jobs.

Being a designer isn't for everybody. If you attend Full Sail, you had better have the determination to make it work and make it a career no matter what field you get into.

Full Sail gets you on the best and latest equipment and software the industry has to offer. That is a benefit you will not find at most 4 year Universities. When new software comes out, they get it in front of the students ASAP so they can learn it.

This is not a party school! If you party, you will fail even if you pass all your classes. Get into the labs, spend time building a website to promote yourself after you graduate. Spend time working on your demo reel that you will be sending out to all your potential employers after you graduate.

If you fail to do this once you are done with classes, you will find yourself not ready to get a job out of school and staring at a pile of debt with no way to pay it off.

And you will not be able to blame anybody but yourself!

I've been working like crazy since I got out of Full Sail. I worked hard at building a good demo reel and had a website with work examples ready to show off as well.

I'm now a designer who gets paid to travel around the country making interface designs for software companies. I get paid a very good hourly rate with all expenses paid. I would be rich if I didn't have a huge pile of school debt but at least I can make my payments on time.

In my opinion, if you think Full Sail failed you, you in fact probably failed yourself and like most people today are looking for someone to blame besides yourself.

Today I currently work for Swank Motion Pictures with a good salary and remain freelance to the highest bidder. I work mostly in Flash, Silverlight design and Print Design.

Zachary Bauer


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A well-rounded, insightful review of Full Sail, the product they offer and and what a school's responsibilities are.

As you see it.

The key thing that you said was "I've been working like crazy since I got out of Full Sail". I'll bet you had to make a lot of sacrifices while you were working like Crazy.

That's the most difficult part of the process for most people. The work begins after school ends and many people suffer the most in the beggining, when it can feel like your job Inquiries are being ignored and you are not getting a fair shot.

Most give up. It can be the bleakest time in a person's career or life. Only the people that push on past this point can ever succeed. I have never met a successful person who has avoided failures, bleak times or thoughts of giving up.

You added something to your Portfolio / Reel that is good advice to point out to other Film School Graduates looking for work.

Having that Website created exposure to your work. It also made it easier for a guy looking at your resume to go and have a quick look at some of your work.

It might be the very best platform that people can use to increase their exposure and increase ease of access to their work at the same time.

You leveraged yourself by using the internet to work for you. This is great advice to any grads looking to get some targeted exposure.

Don't spend a fortune on a website, though. I use Sitesell which is the best, easiest and cheapest way to get a solid website up and running on Auto-Pilot.

Find out more about Sitesell.

Your website might have been the reason that you stood out amongst a very large stack of other Candidates.

Take Care and congratulations,


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