Doesn't Every Film College Do This?

While I am not a student nor am I looking to become one again, but I can tell you based on what I have read here Full Sail University is no different in their marketing or during classes then any other college I have attended.

While I was going thru my Masters Program in Photography, the school I attended which is a national recognized school, the instructors/ professors only talked about the top 3% who made a name for themselves, but of course we did not know they were the 3% at the time.

This was 30 plus years ago, and it has not changed.

I recently was teaching at a university again a nationally recognized school. It is all about the grades, not what the students learn. So in effect a student could go thru the college and not be able to get a job because they just do not have the basic skills needed. This is because the school does not believe in teaching the rudimentary and very basic software required even though the school charges 10K plus a year to attend.

The school expects students to acquire the knowledge to use all of the different software on their own and teach the students to be creative. Of course the school does not understand that you really can not instill or teach creativeness to a student if they have no idea how to use the tools to make their creations possible.

Very much a catch 22 situation.


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It does seem that almost every college does this to some degree. The point is to find a school that invests in the success of their graduates.

A good school can give you a head start and can introduce you to other people trying to do the same things. I often wonder if it is more important who you meet at school than what you learn.

At the very least, it is just as important.

People coming to this site are simply looking for the best options. The more I research the industry, the more clouded my conclusions become.

Full Sail and most other schools are looking out for their best interests. I advise that people do the very same thing. Expect nothing more than you put in and you'll do just fine. There is no reason to expect any Film school to do anything other than teach you the basics and expose you to an environment that you simply can't get access to any other way.

Being successful in school doesn't translate into a successful career. All a student can do is try to acquire as much knowledge as they can and en devour to expose themselves and ingratiate themselves to as many avenues of opportunity as they can.

Thanks for your input.


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