Could an American have a productive film education at the school?

by barb
(Seattle WA)

I am a parent of a teen who has been involved in film and scriptwriting since he was 10. Since he is not a Canadian citizen would it be difficult to impossible to get internships and opportunities for freelance work>

What percentage of your US students are employed in the industry within 12 months of graduation?

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There are very few benefits for Canadian students over International students at the Vancouver Film school and there are even fewer once a skilled graduate starts seek employment in Canada.

International students cannot apply for any financial aid from the Canadian Government. If your son is accepted then the school will furnish him with a study visa.

Internships are negotiated through the Production company and have nothing to do with the applicant's nationality, especially if he/she is skilled.

Canada is very generous with work permits for film industry workers or any skilled workers for that matter.

Most of the film Production done in Vancouver is through American-based entities. They often carry many employees working as foreigners in Canada.

If you finish school with an enviable showReel that shows some compelling skill and talent as well as a great school record, you will always be in demand despite your country of origin.


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