Choose What Film Industry First

by Kyle Dudley
(Kansas city, Missouri, U.S.)

Getting into any part of the entertainment industry is difficult. You can't blame that on Full Sail. Of course you're not going to leave graduation and immediately be the next Rick Rubens or Steven Spielberg.

To believe and expect that is ridiculous.

I know there are many Full Sail grads that are mad because they didn't get rich and famous the day after graduating. But come on, how could a rational person think that would happen?

I mean yeah, it's hard to make it in the film or the music industry. But even if you never do make it in that industry, you still learned how to do something that you love at Full Sail University.

I mean people don't sue their guitar teacher because they don't become a rock star after taking years of lessons. They just love playing, so they're happy that they learned how to.

To call Full Sail a scam is taking the fact that you're not willing to work hard enough to succeed in your chosen field and laying it on someone else.

I find it pathetic that anyone would say that even though they learned what they were told they'd learn and they can do what they learned how to do.

It's pathetic for people to say, "Well, even though I'm not willing to do what I need to get to where I want to go".

The fact that I don't have my name in lights means Full sail is a scam.

Those are pathetic human beings trying to make everyone think it's the school's fault they'll always be nobodies, because it can't be theirs.


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I agree with the point of your post, Kyle. It is just that you are dealing with human nature and we all want someone to blame when we fail.

It is hard to look in the mirror and say, "I could have tried harder". If you read their posts, I find it hard to call them pathetic because some are as smart as hell.

The people who can actually look in the mirror are the ones that improve and then come back. Even I wonder if it takes a thousand failures to get one success. Then, once you have learned how to succeed, it rolls down the hill like an unstoppable snowball.

Successful people are able to look in the mirror and walk away a better and more humble person. Some people cannot do that. Some of them are smart enough to change the world but they still won't blame themselves.

I like the comparison you made to a to a guitar teacher. You might even wonder how voice coaches have survived this long without people killing them. I wonder how many people spent more than 30,000 dollars on voice lessons only to find out that they can't sing.

That would be something to complain about! It should be the job of the voice coach to tell you on first listening if you have a gift for singing or not. They don't tell you because making you believe that you could improve keeps them collecting money from their students.

Full Sail University has a solid product, better than average teachers and some of the best equipment in the country. They also have a very solid advertising arm like any business in the world.

I just want this website to help people know when they are being offered junk from a salesman so they are better able to choose and purchase the Film School and program that is right for them.

People will always blame others before themselves. Then again I will always listen to them and research what they say because many of them are smart. If Full Sail ever gets caught in a scam, I'll be the first to write about it.

Thanks for the post,


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