Changing Majors-Failing and Re-Taking Classes at Full Sail

Stacy Purdee
(East Dublin, Georgia, USA)

if you apply yourself and work really hard and stay motivated than you will get alot out of the school.

The classes are hard and if you can not grasp the subject then you can retake the course until you get it.

Personally I am changing into the computer animation program from the mobile development program but I already have a degree in visual information specializing in web development.


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I will assume that your change into the computer animation program has gone smoothly and you have consulted with your registrar to make sure that you don't end up paying for both classes?

Beleive it or not, I have encountered many people who dropped their class mid-semester, registered for another class that same semester and then was mortified to learn that they had to pay for both seats.

I agree that Full Sail is a good school. I would not recommend it to everyone but in general Full Sail has proven that it can get its very best students to the highest level of acheivement in many fields of the visual arts.

Full Sail's strength lies in what they DO have available to students. The biggest mistake students make is not taking advantage of the superior soundstage and quality videography equipment.

Beg for extra time, ask to use equipment not yet signed out...etc

That's the crux of the entire Full Sail experience. The devoted make use of the astounding film and editing equipment and others do too little.

Then, they end up flailing their arms when the don't 'Automatically' get work 'Cause they went to an expensive film school'.

I have my beefs with Full Sail and don't recommend it for everyone. But I cannot disagree with you. Hard work gets you there and without it no school can help you.

The more interesting question then becomes 'If I work hard enough, do I even need to attend a school?'.

Thanks stacy. Keep your chin up, especially when the going gets tough.


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