Bad Internal controls leading to veteran students unenrollment

by christina

During my fiance's time during his BS degree in Film Production, he and a number of other veterans suffered from lack of payment from the va due to the schools failure to file the appropriate paperwork on time. Some of these veterans who depended on their Housing allowance offered by the va were kicked out of their homes for not being able to pay rents for two or more months all the while full sail still received payments for their tuition. I have not kept up with these veterans and do not know how much they owe the school or student loans when they were ultimately forced to withdraw from the school because of homelessness.

Looking through his transaction history from the school, I had noticed numerous voids and reversals of payments at the end of his program that seemed odd for any institution. Full sail claims that any credit balance to the students account after tuition is fully paid will be released to the student(pg 58 full sail cataloug). For educational institutions this period is either a semester to semester basis or academic year to academic year basis. From 2 past veteran students I have found that Full Sail applied excess funds to the next semester and/or academic year- which may violate what they dictate in the catalog information.
I would love to have my questions answered about full sail's obligation of repayment of excess tuition payments or policy regulation for educational institutions that allows them to take an over payment from semester 1 or 2(academic year 1) and credit it against semester 3 or 4 (academic year 2) tuition without expressed authorization from the student.

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