Are WWE, ESPN and APPLE Part of the Scam?

Listen, this is the hard truth..Full Sail University should not be in the category of a scam, they have partnerships with WWE, APPLE, and ESPN. Do you think they are scamming those big companies too? They also have a partnership with Florida University that allows students to come down and take classes.

The main reason people are saying this is because the Quality of the student entering. All the students are good to go with a GED or High school diploma no test scores checked or anything to get in. Its a creative university and the reason it is so popular. When you let some (not all) dumb students who tell daddy and mommy that they want to work with snoop dogg and pdiddy and then they find out that Fruity loops is a lot more simple then working on the big boards and editing and using Pro tools and logic, they are going to drop out. Then they get on the computer after playing 48 hours straight of world of war craft and they bash the only true place they could have been successful.

LoL its kind of funny to see all these students faces when they realize they have to put in real work to be successful....


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I don't beleive that Full Sail can be called a scam. The fact that they are affiliated with the WWE, ESPN and APPLE has little bearing on that, though.

The low entrance requirements to Full Sail are cause for concern, though. There would be many more successful graduates if Full Sail raised the bar for entrance requirements. Your take on the lazy - let it all be done for me - attitude of many students is a bit harsh but generally quite true.

Too many students are entering Full Sail not knowing what they are signing up for. You can't tell Full Sail to turn away these students because that is how they make money. I would force my child to take a short course that costs little money before I invested in a full 2 years at Full Sail.

Otherwise, you are taking a big risk. No one thinks that their kids are lazy. We all think that they are the best and could do anything. The problem comes when they realize that there is no easy path into the film industry.

Too many students enter Full Sail thinking that it will all get done for them. It doesn't matter how much money you pay a school or how good their reputation is.


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