All Film Schools the Same

So I have been doing a lot of reading .. well the negative reading and I realized that every negative person that had something bad to say was either someone posting for their son/daughter or a disgruntled lazy person who does not make the effort to find a job that they want to work in.

A university or ANY college does not guarantee you success. Only you can guarantee success. A College is to educate you and teach you the ropes of your career field you are pursuing.

Half of every negative comment was someone who didn't succeed or put themselves in that position. Well I can tell you this, companies aren't going to knock down your door pursuing you and wanting you to work for them.

If you want that job that you desire the most then get off your lazy behind and go get it.


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Finally, I don't look like the bad guy. I have been saying much of the same to people who post negative comments. I don't mind posting some negative comments because most people can see right through them.

Thank you for the post. I needed to hear that. Makes me feel that some people are taking responsibility for themselves and getting on with it. If you feel a school ripped you off then your best revenge is to get famous because then people will listen.

If you remain on your couch writing and searching the internet all day for bad news about a school to write on your Blog, you are just hurting yourself.

Oh, Darn. Now I will get a bunch of angry emails.

I hope everyone educates themselves. When someone tries to sell you a crappy education, you will just laugh and walk away. Information makes you immune to the people who might want to take advantage of you.


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