Advice from Film Graduate of Full Sail University

by Dan
(East Coast, USA)

I hope people read my testimony and seriously understand, acknowledge and ACCEPT the fact that I am telling you exactly how it is with the pros and cons.

I apologize ahead of time for the essay I am about to write, but if you are a parent of a prospect at Full Sail or an unemployed graduate, or if you are a student thinking about joining the film program, you should probably take some time to read what I have to say, because I am not Amway trying to sell you something.

I am only trying to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth so may Darwin's teachings of survival of the fittest help you!

I am glad I stumbled upon this site because to be honest I was on CNN and reading about how graduates from Colleges and Universities that never have rumors like Full Sail does couldn't find jobs because of this terrible recession that was done by the Bush administration.

I am a full time cameraman for a television station. Whether anyone believes it or not there is nothing for me to hide about my career because I am not a Sales Rep at Blockbuster. I worked hard and took advantage of the school. That is the key point I would like to make in this testimony.

But first, I would like to point out some of the cons about this school.

(Name Removed). That's the name you will hear during your whole career at Full Sail if you're in the Film Program. To make it short: this man is a fraud. When you first meet him, it will, unless changed by Full Sail guidelines, either leave you with two impressions:

1. This man is so motivational.
2. This man is a fraud.

I say this because I am the kind of person who hates being lied to in front of my face. Yes, it's true that everyone likes being around funny people, because everyone likes to laugh. But that's all (Name Removed) is; a circus clown trying to comfort you with jokes about his film career (If you imdb him you will find no credits on any production except for an unknown film that was probably a Full Sail project because he is a Full Sail graduate) and try to make you feel successful.

Then at the end of the program, he'll tell you to make youtube clips of yourself daily to try to promote yourself in finding a job. Really? What kind of boss in the right mind would hire you if he saw you on youtube everyday with a clip that goes "Hey, this is Mike from Mike needs a job. It's Day 22 and I'm still looking for a job. But no worries, just sent out 2 resumes."?


(Name Removed) is a retard for inspiring kids my age to try to be the next kevjumba. I guess I'll leave you with the point that Full Sail will hire many motivational speakers with NO film experience to try to make you or your loved ones laugh off the ridiculous loan that they will face in the future. (Also, if you're in the film program, it wouldn't hurt to IMDB your course directors and put them on the spot the next time they talk about working on Star Wars.)

Full Sail was made for the strongest. Just like animals in this world, ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE.

With that said, let me point out about students from my class that didn't take this message seriously. John, a recent Navy prospect, came to Full Sail to become a director. But John never took advantage or stood up for himself to say I WANT TO DIRECT THIS PROJECT. So what happened to John?

His 2 final projects positions was Craft Services. So all this time John had been at FS, his last two projects on his resume will consist of making sandwiches and spaghetti for the 16mm and 35mm crew. This is an example of a student who was clearly not dedicated enough about his future, not to mention, like many other students, John was always on his laptop playing online games and facebooking his money away.

Please don't be the student who just sits on his laptop during lecture, you may get away with the midterms or finals, but it will bite you in the back of your neck when graduation comes. I promise.

Then there was a student named Matt. I was honored to work with Matt on a documentary that won an award at a film festival. When the time comes when you have to give someone their recognition, every tongue must confess that Matt is going to prosper. Why? Because he took advantage of Full Sail to the fullest and worked hard every single day.

Matt graduated with perfect attendance at a school where every hour you miss is counted out. Matt always sat in the front row and paid attention to everything every teacher had to say. Matt never smoked or drank (just to prove a clean state of mind for this fellow) and never partied like the social epidemic that is going to hit American colleges.

With an attitude like Matt, you are bound to hear his name one day. A lot of students hated Matt because of his success. But I worked with Matt and learned a lot from him because he was as passionate as I was coming into school. That's another tip for ignorant people in life: if someone's better than you, learn from them instead of back talking about them all day.

You will just be miserable on Earth.

I pretty much devoted my life at Full Sail in the camera department. And here's my point I'll make about taking advantage. When you graduate Full Sail, you can retake any class you want that you felt you lacked during the course taking. That's what I did. I retook some classes and went into some labs to just play with the cameras.

In fact, I stayed longer during labs just to make sure I knew the cameras well. If you know what you want to do in Film then learn as much as you can and stay longer and miss the social events to learn what you want to learn. Granted, the courses are one month, and 4 weeks you're learning sound, the next 4 weeks you're learning makeup. But if you're the boxer that stays in the gym hitting the bag longer than anyone else, you're going to hit harder.

Practice makes progress, not perfect.

I guess I'll just end by saying, though I could write a book about my experience here, you better come to this school to learn. There were plenty of kids in my class who partied every weekend (and for your information, if you are trying to party and get laid at Full Sail, YOU better think about UCF; they don't call it full male for nothing) and didn't learn anything.

Those kids who were alcoholics and potheads at my school are the ones working construction and ringing you up at CVS. My advice: come to this school with dedication and motivation. Ask questions that you don't know. I endured 2 years of no social life but I can finally understand and say that hard work pays off.

My father came to this country with two suitcases and always told me that life is hard so you have to work harder. And if you take advantage of the school and work hard with the right mentality, you will be doing what you love in life.

PS: please dont be the guy in the film program who rocks the director's hat on set.


Reply from

There are so many students that are expecting the schools to teach them but they don't do any work themselves. I get constant messages from people who seem to think that if you pay the money then you are somehow guaranteed a job.

I like your quote "Just like animals in this world, ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE". That places more onus on the students to rise to the top. You have already given some great examples.

I understand the feelings you have to some people on the Full Sail Payroll. I deleted their names because so far I have only your word. I met the man you spoke of and I called him a "Used car salesman" to my wife.

But the fact is that Full Sail has the tools and every school on the Planet has a few irritating folk working for them. If you apply the motivation you have called for then you will succeed.

Just do your research first.


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