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Apr 23, 2012
In the Online Film Degree Program
by: Melissa Kay

I loved everything you wrote because I've been preaching that since day one of going to Full Sail. Everyone keeps saying Full Sail is a dead end and that I'll be paying off my student loans through a 9-5 job. I tell them, Film is my passion. I'm not going to school just to waste my time and earn a degree.

I'm going to learn, I'm going to be dedicated.

There are kids who go to Full Sail off of mommy & daddy's money expecting to wind up in Hollywood and that's just not realistic. You need talent and first and foremost you need PASSION.

Like you said above I know i've connected with online classmates and I can tell they went to the school for unrealistic reasons & because you get a Macbook and are probably playing games and failing classes as we speak.

If you work hard, you can do anything you want.


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Your point is well taken but Full Sail does not offer an Online Film Degree Program. Did you mean that you are enrolled in the
Online Digital Cinematography Program?

The point might be mute but it doesn't lend much credibility to your post. Then again, I agree with everything you said. But, does Full Sail do anything to make prospective students aware that paying tuition is not an automatic ticket to Hollywood?

They don't because they are in this for profit. This is why people need to be more diligent than ever when selecting a Film School to attend.

Thanks for your post.


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