Advice for a perspective student

by Rhiannon

I'm looking for advice.

I've been researching Full Sail U and several other online school options because I'm a single mother, almost 35 & I've got a 2 yr old boy. So my time is fairly restricted and day care has become an impossible issue.

I have been bartending and waiting tables for the last 10 yrs of my life. I lived in a major tourist town and did fairly well, a little under 30k a year which is good for an job requiring no college education, but do to the declining economy, rent went up and tips went down, so I moved to a much more affordable area.

I am a avid artist in a multitude of media, and pretty good at it. I have been working as seamstress on the side with some success, but it's not making the kind of money I need to support my family. I have been a gamer since the Atari came out. I am also a great lover of technology and sciences and have fairly advanced computer knowledge, finding hobbies in running linux os, etc. So to me a BS of gaming art design would be a natural growth of my current skill set, in a area that I have great passion about.

As far as I can tell, I'm going to get a pretty good assistance package being a single mom. I as well have an AA degree I acquired in 1999, which is a gen study degree supposedly allows me to skip the first two years of my BS. As long as Full Sail takes my CHEA credits, LOL. I also have a pretty top line PC and may well be able to forgo the Macbook Pro that gets thrown into your tuition as well.

I'm concerned with future employers accepting the accreditation of Full Sail, and have researched comparable programs at DeVry which is actually a regional accredited school, but as you get what you pay for they run about 78k for the entire program VS 57k at Full Sail.

Years ago I worked in a video game retail store in Redmond WA. For the unaware Redmond is the Seattle tech homeland, I sold games to the employees of Direct EX for testing, as an example. As is common knowledge that all you have to do to qualify for a job at Microsoft is pass the MCSC. I know first hand, the techie type tend to care more about what you can do and less about what degrees you have.

In the end I believe its my ability as an artist that will get me a job with an employer, and this school is just a way to learn the tools and equipment to actually produce this art.

Do you think Full Sail would be a good fit for my situation? Being that I'm unable to attend a traditional campus, and that I'm not looking to transfer my credits to another institution.

Or is my brother right and it's just a diploma mill and my degree will be next to useless and very expensive?

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