A Veteran Educator's Views on Full Sail

by T.H., Ph.D.

I hope to offer a modicum of perspective gained over 27 years as a professional educator. I believe the issues I've read concerning Full Sail are not completely unique to this specific school.

It is my experience that we are all too comfortable with the familiar, even though it can be accused of the same behaviors as newer versions.

Take, for instance, the issue of being "ripped off" by a school. For years students have been leveling this accusation against a multitude of traditional colleges and universities based on a range of concerns from having to pay to retake courses they passed in high school to the price of textbooks to being taught by a grad. Student rather than the professor, ad infinitum.

What we must also remember is that higher education, regardless of its organizational configuration, is an industry and has been for close to 100 years. I believe the ultimate reality for cutting-edge institutions, and the students who attend them, is that the current education model is like a casino; the odds remain in its favor at this time. However, what we are experiencing is a shift in societal expectations within this industry.

We have entered what I refer to as The Age of Relevancy in which high school graduates can gain valuable training through technical colleges and the military. And though some may scoff at vocational education, it's primarily because they labor under the illusion that a 4-year liberal arts degree is still going to be worth the cost in another 5-10 years.

It goes back to perception. How many of you reading this know that if you graduate with a Bachelor's degree from Oxford University, in 3-4 years if you pay a processing fee you automatically receive your Master's degree; no classes, no lectures, no assignments. Yet that university is held up as one of the shining examples of educational excellence in the world.

You see...the old system isn't any better, it's simply the one we're used to ... for now.


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"The Age of Relevancy" is a very interesting tag line. You have a unique perspective on the larger picture of education as a whole and how Nationally Accredited, 'For Profit' schools fit into the picture.

It would be difficult to argue with you that our educational system has been anything but 'For Profit' since its inception; a very long time ago. If that were the main theme to support your belief that we are experiencing is a shift in societal expectations within the Educational industry then I will have to agree.

Your post is so unique that I want to just leave it alone.

I'll let people come to their own conclusions regarding your philosophy.


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