A Job in the Audio Industry Takes Work

by Paul
(Los Angeles)

I graduated in 2003 with an audio degree. I busted my butt and was on and off working in recording studios.

Frustrated, I remembered the main thing most people forget that was taught to us; "use our skill sets to adapt and don't be afraid to cross over and work in other sectors of the entertainment industry".

Signal flow works the same way with video as it does in audio. Fast forward a few years and I am now an AC working in television and occasionally in film as a focus puller.

The ones who did well at Full Sail tend to be the ones who are highly motivated and find plenty of work. I'm a living example of that.

No scam going on at Full Sail, the ones that are complaining shouldn't have been attending in the first place and the industry doesn't want them nor need them anyway.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

You bring up a very good point and I share your conclusion. There is no "Scam" at Full Sail University.

Sometimes people forget just how important hard work, determination, and adaptibility are. Without them even a genius can die in silence.

Some people believe they are owed a job in the film industry if they pay enough money for their education. When they don't get that job then they either blame someone or get to work finding work.

Every person I have ever met or interviewed either worked their butt off to succeed in the industry or they had an excuse why they couldn't do the work needed to succeed.

The problem is that learning this lesson at Full Sail is a very expensive option. Full Sail are guilty of 'Putting on a show' that raises students' expectations. That is seen by many as morally wrong. I believe this is the issue at the heart of so many who call Full Sail University a 'Scam'.

Full Sail can't be held responsible for your career but they are also guilty of perpetuating the myth that a ticket into the film industry can be purchased.

Full Sail University are a for-profit school and they are allowed to portray themselves in the best light that they possibly can in an effort to make more money.

It's business and reality. The onus is always on you to get good training and then work at your craft until you are so good at it that people need to hire you.

Thanks for your input.


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