A Film Program Grads Perspective

by Barry

I had this whole big opinion I was going to write concerning Full Sail, but considering I graduated over 10 years ago and my perspective might be a little dated I'm going to use this space to offer some advice to current and future students.

Is Full Sail a scam? No. Are some of their business practices questionable? Yes.

They are not a real university. At least not in the traditional sense. They are a trade school. Their "instructors" are not accredited teachers or professors. They are industry professionals sharing their experience and knowledge. They have not been trained to be real teachers so some will prove to be lacking in that respect. A few will have even lied on their resume to get the job. My camera teacher at the time made so many outlandish claims concerning his resume that when my classmates and I investigated him, we found his only notable experience was in crowd control. What ever the hell that is.

That having been said, you will find many instructors there to be a wealth of knowledge. Use them. I mean it. Your paying a lot of money to attend that school. That brings me to my main point of advice.

When I went there I took the view that with the money I was paying for that education I owned that school and everyone's ass that was running it. And you should too. Don't let yourself or your concerns be side stepped or ignored. Full Sail does have the resources available to help you achieve your dream, but it may not be just handed to you. Your going to have to take it from them. Don't put up with lazy or incompetent instructors that may hinder your progress. Go around them. Over them. What ever it takes to get what you need. I made myself a nuisance with no fear to get my education and so should you. Your working hard and so should they. Do it with finesse though. Be clever about it. How you handle yourself under the stress of their hectic schedule and long hours will be just as educational as anything they will teach you, because when your finally working in the industry the hours may be the same.

That's it. Enough said. Good luck to everyone.


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I don't think it matters when you Graduated. Your advice is as good as it comes. It is getting a little repetitive but the same advice is coming up again and again.

That doesn't really help people decide where to go to school, though. The traditional route through Regionally accredited institutions works for some and for others the trade school route works just as well.

If you plan on continuing your education later on then Full Sail and all other Nationally Accredited schools make no sense. You need to be at a Regionally Accredited School to get solid accreditation that can be transferred at a later date. But the education isn't as applicable to the industry as much as the Nationally Accredited Trade schools is.

Thanks for the input,


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