$7000 for a Week at Full Sail

by J.Afre
(Elizabeth, NJ)

I registered for Full Sail University. Due to circumstances I had to drop out.

I took 1 week and a half of classes and now I am stuck with a bill of over $7000 for a week and a half.

They don't want to bring it down. They state that the fee for the Mac Laptop which was the only thing I receive is $3000.

This is a rip off for a student of 19 yrs old that wanted so bad to get a career at Full Sail.

It's sad.

Where can I place a complaint? ... Can anyone help me with this? ... It's just not fair.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

That's an awfully tough blow for a 19 year old.

There really is no legal recourse for you. That is because an excuse like "Due To Circumstances I Had to Stop" isn't a good enough reason and has no 'Legal Merit'.

If it was a death in the family, you'd be getting your money back.

I once quit my job as an English teacher in a good school. I did it because a person offered me a job as a private tutor on a full time basis.

A week later he phoned me and said, "due to circumstances I have to drop out".

I was left with no job and hundreds of wasted hours in Preparation. It took me 3 weeks to get another job and I didn't see a paycheck for another month.

Full Sail's plumbing is worth more than I am but the same rules have to apply to everyone.

The system would be corrupt, showing clear favoritism to the poor (Me) and that just can't and should not happen if equal opportunity even has a chance.

You can't sign up for a seat in a class that Full Sail could have filled with another student and then drop out without a really good reason.

That is business. I hope this will only be a lesson to you and not an excuse to Quit and give up on those dreams of yours.

You'll rise up again, Mate. You will be challenged at every stage on the road to your dream. I hope you will not get sidetracked into bitterness, the worst affliction to aspiration.

I have seen it happen to so many talented people. It is sad because I read that the majority of failure happens when people give up just a block away from home (Success).

Why give up anyway? What else are you going to do? Dream of making the largest hamburger in the world?

You have to live through the years of your life anyway. Why waste them doing anything other than pursuing your dreams? Even if you only have weeknights and weekends to do it.

It seems that if you want something big for your life and you want to be good at something then you have to suffer more than the guy on the couch with the pot-belly, sniffing his clothing to see if he can wear them one more day.

The question is ... "Is this going to sidetrack you from your dream or are you going to give it the finger and keep on the path?"

You got 2 guys here who are hoping that you plow through this wall and leave it in the past.

Sorry. I know you would love to hear us say that you should get all your money back and that Full Sail are unfair Jerks. They are not because they lost a seat that could have been filled with another Student and they took a big loss.

Can you tell me why you left the most important part out? Why did you just up and leave the school?

Sorry to be blunt but people should try and see a school as a business selling a product. I hate sounding like a hard-ass. I apologize for that.

I have told you why you should forget it and why I think that Full Sail has acted reasonably.

I also feel that I should just help you or find a means to help you.

What I Would do to Fix This

First thing you need is a fully complete account statement of expenses allegedly incurred on your behalf by Full Sail University. Make sure you see how they have arrived at a total bill of $7,000.

Go over the document and ask everyone for help. Look for something / anything to justify doubt or mistrust in the documents Full Sail and the loan company should have supplied as a receipt or as a demand for payment.

Any dispute will do. We just want a paper trail and an open case file. They can't ignore you after that. Dispute as many costs as you can and be polite, friendly and tactful.

Yes, you will then send them a letter that clearly outlines your disputes.

Ask the school to review your final bill and to kindly consider lowering the total.

Ham it up. You're a young child with no hope and an uncertain future. Without Full Sail’s famed compassion and mercy, you might end up at rock-bottom (Play the Victim).

Hopefully, you’ll be surprised at how conscience Full Sail is of their image and how easily they will give in, especially if you can find the smoking gun.

A mistake on the calculations of what you owe would do very nicely. Give them a chance because if there are any mistakes they will own up to it.

Despite what some people have said here, Full Sail want to be seen as a school with a heart. So give them that chance and you'll be OK.

If This Money is Student Loan Cash ... Dump it.

If you got a student loan for any of the outstanding amount then we need to plead poor. If your father co-signed or helped in any way regarding the loan, the road is tougher.

Unless we can make your dad look poor or you can find a mistake (By the Loan Company or Full Sail) in their accounting of your alleged incurred costs to them.

If you can claim any reason for financial hardships in your life and that your father does not support you then we can pursue deferment of your loan.

Loans to Full Sail students are usually done though Sallie Mae.

You'll find the Sallie Mae loan deferment page here.

As long as your personal income is fairly low you can defer your loan. They have been tightening the deferment program significantly as of late Oct. 2012) so do it while they still offer this service at all. I see a future where student loan deferment comes with very strict guidelines (Even more than now).

Not to avoid the loan because if they don't see or hear from you in 10 years then your credit record is wiped clean.

Then again, if you can take this punch in the face and keep on your path, you could be producing major films by then.

You can pay them back in pennies.

Good luck and stay on your path.


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