6 Years Now Since I Graduated

by Alvaro Torres
(Los Angeles CA)

I graduated from Full Sail on 2008 I got both degrees Recording Arts and Bachelors in Music Business. I have not been able to get a job I Tried my luck in Miami with the support of the Career Development department and they did not help me in any way.

On 2010 I moved to Los Angeles and try my luck but once again Full Sail could not even get me an Internship. I kept calling them, I e-mailed them and they never gave me one lead to be able to apply and at least get an Internship.

Its been 6 years now since I graduated and thanks to my perseverance I have been able to get gigs every now and then, I have worked on a few albums and mostly live performances but nothing stable enough to be able to settle in one city and pay my loans back.

It is sad that Full Sail only plays with people's dreams by promising things that they do not deliver, therefore setting up for people like me for failure.

I tried getting my master's degree in The University of Miami and I was denied because Full Sail is not recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation therefore I could not continue my education I even tried to get my credits transferred to a community college and was unsuccessful.

I really hope that the Government will do something about this type of schools and prevent them to keep getting rich by scamming their students with false promises.

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