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Apr 15, 2016
What Research?
by: Philip

I am aware of the promises made by Full Sail. I am aware they have many job placement programs.

The school cannot operate without a job placement program. It is part of the criteria needed to win the ability to call yourself a school.

I do not believe that Full Sail even has the ability to find jobs for their graduates. You don't really think there is an army of recruitment agencies that scour the halls of any film school looking for the next Steven Spielberg, do you?

No. The industry is saturated. Nepotism is rampant.

Full Sail cannot fulfill the promise of finding work for you. Period. You will have to master the skills and find your own opportunities in 99% of cases.

I would hope that no one is or will attend film school trusting that this will lead to guaranteed work in the industry. It rarely does.

There are thousands of film school graduates working in coffee shops all across the country. There is much anger among them because they believed that by attending school, they would receive guaranteed work.

Guaranteed work does not exist in the film industry.

Good luck to all.

Nov 08, 2015
Doing Research on Full Sail
by: Anonymous

After coming across this site, I find it interesting that the reply to this comment is from one person. I like to start by saying to Alvaro that you are not alone.. The school only attempt to set me up with at least 3 leads and that’s all a got from them. In fact, the school contacts a studio that I was already interned to see if they can take me!! I shared the similar situation, but I decided to change that. I’m perusing my degree in IT for about 5k, and where jobs are in high demand To answer to phillip question on why the government should do something about this… TO PROTECT US!!, but I can see his point here. Full sail is open about their accreditation (open to talk about it), in fact, the schools has recognized many times that other schools do not recognize the credits. The fact is that the school is in trouble for not being upfront with this information and that is why many you read this same issue everywhere on the net. Phillip, you said in black and white… "They may be sneaky about it". And in regards to your last statement…" Full Sail can do nothing as far as getting you work." That’ is what they promise.. to help you find a job, why in the hell do they have a department called "JOB PLACEMENT". I thing phill needs to do some research himself!!

Nov 04, 2015

by: Philip

Why would the government do something? Full Sail is totally open about their accreditation and everything else.

You just have to do the research.

They would be in trouble if they did not disclose the vital facts you mentioned.

They may be sneaky about it. That I agree. But they have comitted no crime.

Good luck to you. Remember that the only work you will get will be beacuse you demanded it. Full Sail can do nothing as far as getting you work.

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