The Top Film Schools with the best Film Making and Animaion Instuction Available

How Finding the Best Film Schools Became an Obsession

I want to make movies because it remains the most engaging platform on which to tell a story.

Whatever the reason, if you or your child is thinking about attending a University/College/Workshop in Film then you'd better get busy.

It would be fine and dandy if it didn't cost $77,439USD for a Bachelor's Degree in Film.

But, it does.

Most people just want to improve their chances of finding work in the film industry. Getting instruction and qualification remains the best way to do that.

I wanted that instruction so I hatched a deal with my Father the very next day. He would pay half my tuition but only if I spent the next year researching the details and nuances of every major Film Institute in the country "And Planet", was how he put it.

He wanted enough information to "fill a book or two".

Yes! A year off!!!!!!

No, Not even close. I had to put in 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week looking for the top 10 film schools in the world.

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I made my mind up to do it and worked it like a 40 hour a week job. Without my dad paying half the costs, I would never have been able to attend (without going $70,000USD into debt).

But, man were the loan companies eager to lend me as much as I needed.

So, I was extremely motivated because I was not only spending my dad's money nut also every dime I'd saved over the last 4 years at my crappy job delivering pizzas in a 1975 Blue Pontiac Astra.

That was 1 year ago.

I have researched every forum, newspaper, web archive, magazine article, school website, and I even contacted some former Students in an effort to find every opinion there was on the best schools there are.

Some had an axe to grind while others were hard at work in the field that they studied.

Some of what I found was quite frightening. There are places where salesmen are trying to sell you a degree from a school that is not properly accredited or worth the paper it's written on.

Some schools out there are all glitter up front and $80,000 of tuition later, you realize you're attending a school that hires ex-students as teachers and the credits you earn there are not accepted by any traditional university.

I decided to take all the information I'd collected and share it with other people looking for a great school to attend or any art school for that matter.

Get Your Turn to Speak

You'll find a box at the bottom of every page written on this site. It's empty and needs you to fill it in by asking questions, posting your opinions or even writing a review for a school you have attended or at leased toured.

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So welcome to the Best Film Schools. We are going to learn all the dirt and all the glean about every film school worth mentioning on the planet.

Use the information to make the best, most educated decision for yourself. It's your future so take hold of it. You won't get blindsided by any sales pitches or sign $50,000 loans so easily after you've read what we have to say about the schools.

They want to make money and you want good value for a great education. Those 2 things don't always happily meet in the middle.

But Sometimes they do.

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